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2010 Honor Roll Highlights

The 2010 Honor Roll recognizes 834 schools with 852 awards. The overall number of awards remains impressively high despite continuing increases in eligibility requirements. Schools that earn the Spotlight and Excellence Awards must make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). In the Honor Roll's first year, schools could make AYP if 40% of students met or exceeded standards on the annual state tests. By 2010, the AYP requirement had risen to 77.5%. Beyond the rising AYP standard, the Honor Roll award’s criteria have been constant since 2005. No major changes occurred this year in the state tests or their scoring.

The increasing number of Academic Excellence Awards is the strongest trend exhibited in the 2010 Honor Roll. Excellence Awards, which require that 90% of students in elementary schools meet or exceed state standards, have increased continually from 63 in 2004 to 459 in 2010. The 90% criteria for Excellence Awards is higher than current AYP requirements.

The number of Spotlight Schools has dropped from a high of 508 in 2007 to 300 in 2010, reflecting the rising standard for AYP. Academic Improvement Awards, which require significant increases in student achievement, also declined in number, but 93 schools earned that award this year.

Two other Honor Roll trends continue in 2010. First, a large number of schools stayed on the Honor Roll. Seventy one awards are being presented for the seventh or eighth year to Spotlight and Academic Excellence schools. Second, schools that appear on the Honor Roll year after year continue to improve their test scores. The progress of these schools exemplifies the possibilities for improvement at every level. Good old-fashioned hard work by students, teachers, parents, and communities contributes to ongoing recognition for their schools' achievements.

Total Numbers

Total Number of Awards = 852

Total Number of Schools = 834

Total Number of Districts = 364


School Types


Charter Schools - 3



Geographic Distribution of 834 schools

Chart showing geographic distribution of schools


Test Scores and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

To determine eligibility for awards, the Illinois Honor Roll uses composite scores of reading and mathematics, subjects that count for determining Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

All schools winning the Spotlight Schools and Academic Excellence Awards made AYP in 2010. Although making AYP was not a criterion for the Academic Improvement Awards, 62 percent of those schools did make AYP in 2013.


Repeat Awards - Sustaining Exemplary Performance

  • Seven Spotlight Schools received an eighth award this year.
  • 21 Spotlight Schools are receiving a seventh award, having maintained high level performance since the award began in 2003. 47 schools earned the award for a sixth year.
  • Three schools won the Academic Improvement Award for the fourth time. One school, Dett Elementary, Chicago, won for the fifth year!
  • 43 Academic Excellence schools sustained their long-term high achievement and won a seventh award in 2010. 40 schools are being recognized for the sixth time.

Test Score Trends - Scores are Good and Getting Better

  • 195 of 300 Spotlight Schools (65%) showed increases in test scores over last year.
  • At all 93 Academic Improvement Award schools, the number of students meeting or exceeding standards increased by at least 7.5 points over one year or 15 points over two years.
  • 19 Academic Improvement Award schools raised scores by more than 20 percentage points over two years.
  • 257 Academic Excellence elementary schools showed increases in scores over last year, even though they started at a baseline above 90% of students meeting or exceeding standards.

Double Awards

This year, five schools won both the Spotlight Schools award and the Academic Excellence Award: Jones College Preparatory High School in Chicago and four elementary schools — Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet School (Chicago), Tidlen Attendance Center (Tilden), Willow Elementary School (Pekin) and Armstrong-Ellis Elementary School (Armstrong) are first-time winners.

13 schools won both the Spotlight Schools award and the Academic Improvement Award: Dett Elementary School, Chopin Elementary School Gregory Math and Science Elementary Academy, Ward L Elementary School, West Prairie South Elementary, Stevenson Accelerated School, Dongola Elementary School, Galatia Junior High, Brookwood Junior High School, Woodland School, Irvington Elementary School, Marquette Elementary School, and West Carroll Primary.

h3>Top Award-Winning Districts (10 or more awards)

The 834 winning schools came from 364 districts.

District Awards Winning Schools Total District Schools
City of Chicago 299
Indian Prairie 204
Naperville 203
Schaumburg 54
Peoria 150