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2004 Honor Roll Highlights

Since 2004 is the first year for the Illinois Honor Roll, the data summarized here will provide a baseline for plotting trends in the future. In 2003-4, however, the Illinois State Board of Education and Northern Illinois University tested the awards concept with the Spotlight Schools and Academic Improvement Awards, so two years of data exists for these awards. This summary includes both baseline data and second-year comparisons for the two earlier awards.

The number of award winning schools has increased substantially in the programs for which two years of data is available - i.e., Spotlight Schools and Academic Improvement Schools . Some of these changes may be explained; e.g., the number of Spotlight Schools in 2003 was probably negatively impacted by the unclear AYP status of some schools, which was not resolved until March, 2004. Overall, however, the striking growth in the number of schools earning recognition is a tribute to the efforts of students, faculty, and parents in these school communities.


Total Numbers

Total Number of Awards = 300

Total Number of Schools = 290

Total Number of Districts = 171


School Types


Charter Schools - 3



Geographic Distribution of 290 schools

Chart showing geographic distribution of schools


Test Scores and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

To determine eligibility for awards, the Illinois Honor Roll uses composite scores representing all five ISAT tests (reading, math, writing, science, and social science) and all five PSAE tests.

All award-winning schools have met the Illinois criteria for Annual Yearly Progress,(AYP) for their entire student population as well as all required subgroups.


  Repeat Awards - Sustaining Upward Momentum

20 of the 27 Spotlight Schools in 2003 earned this distinction a second time in 2004.

24 Academic Improvement Award schools also earned this award last year.

Test Score Trends - Scores are Good and Getting Better

  • 70 of the 85 Spotlight Schools showed increases in test scores over 2002-2004
  • 12 schools increased the number of students meeting or exceeding standards by 10-18 points
  • 23 of the 41 schools that received Academic Improvement Awards based on removal from the Academic Early Warning, Academic Watch or federal School Improvement status were eligible for this award on the basis of test score improvements alone.
  • 24 of the 2003 Academic Improvement Award Schools earned the award for a second time in 2004 and sustained their upward momentum, increasing their test scores by at least 7.5% over one year or 15 % since 2002.

Double Awards - 10 Schools earned both Spotlight Schools and Academic Improvement Awards


AR Graiff Livingston
Bridge Chicago
Budlong Chicago
Central Kewanee
Eisenhower South Holland
George Washington Moline
Hibbard Chicago
Jefferson Lincoln
Oak Grove Decatur
Petty Sumner (second year)